Sunday, September 8, 2013


Welcome back to the 2013 edition of the Stone Cold Lead Pipe Docks of the Week.  Week 1 is here, and there is honestly nothing better. Your team still has hope, you still think your fantasy picks are amazing, and you think you are untouchable in gambling!!!  You can't beat that!

Richboy and I are hyped for Football and for gambling season to begin! This year we will be offering a prize to our competitors.  We are doing a weekly and a yearly prize, so be sure check out the end of this post for the rules.  Gluck  in beating us...because you will need it!  This week we have some awesome matchups, so let's get this thing popping! YAYAYAYAYA!

Richboy's Pix:

Saints -3

Buccaneers -3

Panthers +3

Niners/Packers over 48

Cowboys -3

Docksquad's Pix:

Bears/Bengals under 42.5

Panthers +3

Bucs -3

Saints -3

Colts/ Raiders under 47

Gluck playaz!!!

Below are the rules for the Contest! MUST READ AND DO THESE THINGS TO BE ELIGIBLE!

Think you are better than us? We doubt it. To win the $200 Gift Card, you have to participate in a minimum of 16 weeks and you have to beat both Docksquad and Richboy recordwise. Ties goto us of course. But if you do beat us, you will be awarded with a $200 Visa Gift Card. Post your five best picks ATS in the comments section. Also, your five ATS picks have to be posted in our comments section each week before kick-off. Our post will be up latest by Sunday mornings at 11am, so your picks have to go in the comments section there so that we can keep track of it. Also since we buy the hook, yes, you can buy the hook in your picks.  Just note it in your picks. Another important thing, your spreads can not be different than ours. We scour the web all day, everyday for the latest spreads on every single website out there. If you are picking the same games as us, your spread has to be the same as ours, pretty simple right?  If you have something way different than ours, please post the website you are getting the line from, and the date and time...Also, if you do not want to participate in the year contest, we are also doing a weekly high payout.  So, as a weekly thing, if you beat both Docksquad and Richboy in a week, we will paypal you $10.00 by the Tuesday of next week. Please send us your paypal id for this. Lastly, good luck, you will need it!


Parag Parikh said...

Tampa wins by more than 3

Cowboys and Giants under 50

Eagles and Redskins under 52 1/2

Bears Bengals over 41 1/2

Texans win by more than 4

Malik Merchant said...

Seattle -3
Bucks -3
Bears -3
Atl +3.5
Hous -3.5

Docksquad said...

Thanks for posting. Keep posting every week and we will keep track of your records. For next week, please post where you got your lines from, as this week there were a couple of lines that we could not find anywhere from your posts...

Good luck!