Sunday, February 3, 2013


It's finally time for the Super Bowl, and more importantly, time to bet on the superbowl! You know what that means...time to make some $$$! Let's get it!

Richboy's Pix:

Ravens moneyline +170
Over 48
Defense or special teams TD in the game +150
Baltimore total completions in game - Over 20.5 -160
Score in the first 6.5 minutes of 1st half -115
49ers 1st punt over 48.5 yards -140
Bernard Pierce total rush yards over 32.5 - 115
Torrey Smith over 61.5 receiving yards -140
Baltimore player to score teams first touchdown - Ed Dickson +1250
Coin Toss Heads -103
Who will Super Bowl MVP thank first - God  +200
MVP - Ed Reed +2600, Torrey Smith +1800

Docksquad's Pix:

Niners - 3 (hook)
Under 48
Total Rushing Yards for the Niners over 154.5 
Coin toss - Tails
Super Bowl MVP - Colin Cap 8/5

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Bruce said...

Can you please post each of your NFL betting records this season so we know who to follow?

furious said...

What are the results, fellas?