Thursday, February 4, 2010

Interview Series - Q & A With NFL Pro Bowl OT, D'Brickashaw Ferguson

I had the privilege of interviewing Jets OT D'Brickashaw Ferguson over the phone on Tuesday.  Here is the transcript from our conversation...

VC: Hey, how are you doing buddy, this is Vik from Docksquad Sports. Thanks a ton for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with us. We really appreciate it.  I just have a bunch of questions here, so I'm just going to shoot them out to you.

DF: No problem.

VC: First off, we just wanted to say congratulations on a great season by your squad, the Jets.  I know you guys just came up a little bit short in the playoffs, and it was a disappointing end to your season last week, but what did Coach Ryan say to you guys in the locker room afterward?

DF: I think he was just real pleased with the way we continued to fight, the way we didn't give up you know?  Unfortunately the Colts did a little more than we did; they executed a little more than we did, and they were able to eek it out.  But he was very positive.  If you look at our season, we did do a lot of good things. 

VC:  Definitely.  You guys do have a great, young core still, so we know you guys are going to be dangerous for a bunch of years to come.

VC:  You, yourself also had another great season as well. Congrats on making the pro bowl!

DF: Thank you very much.

VC: No problem.

VC:  So my next question is about you.  They said when you were coming out in the Draft, that you were undersized and that you weren't strong enough.  Tell us a little bit about how that motivated you when coming out...

DF: I felt like there were a lot of different little things people were using to try to pull me apart.  They were like oh his size, or he can't run block, he can't do this well. You know I just try to use it as fuel. I try to use that so I can become a better player.  And every year I just try to continue to work on the things that I felt were not as great, and not as refined as I needed them to be, to be successful.  But Bill Callahan came in and really helped me out a lot.  Some of the other guys the were experienced in camp, whether it be whether it be Will Shields or Chuck Smith added their two cents as well.  That really allowed me to make that jump from being a good tackle to a Pro Bowl caliber tackle.

VC: Tell us a little bit more about your preparation during the football season? What is your weekly routine, how often do you work out?

DF: You know, throughout the week we work out about 3-4 times a week. But I think one of the key things this year has been film study for us.  You know film study is so key.  You learn so much and you pick up a lot, and I think it just makes you a sharper athlete when you are on the field.

VC:  Speaking of working out, let's go back to today.  We heard you had a busy morning today with Gatorade. Tell us a little bit more about what you did for them today. Like what kind of testing were they doing on you at the Performance lab? 

DF: Yeah, I had an opportunity to go to the Performance lab today.  We tried to check out my different hydration levels. I was riding the bike for about 30 minutes, sweating and everything!  But I think I learned a lot there.  They kind of broke things down and showed me what was going on.  They have a G series. It has a before, during, and after.  01, Prime, 02, Perform, 03, Recover, and it makes it real simple.  Before I start training, they recommend I do the 01.  While you are training, number 02.  And finally number 03, to kind of add that protein and put fuel back into your body. I really just learned about the proper way of hydrating and kind of refueling the body while you are engaging in activity, and I think that is what the lab really helped me learn about today.

VC:  Did you have a particular drink you liked more than the other?
DF: You know I tried them all, and I think I really like the 01. It's the first one, so why not be number 01, right? 

VC: Personal question.  So is your personality the same on and off the field?
DF: Yes.  I don't think I'm the type of person where I'm always just one way all of the time.  On the field, sometimes I'm angry and then other times I feel good.  And it's the same off the field.  So I do think I have a similar personality on and off the field.  It is never just one way. 

VC: Now that the season is over, do you have any off season plans?  Are you going to be taking a vacation?

DF: I have to relax a little bit for sure.  We've been playing. We just finished football, stopped playing last night, after the game.  I mean I've been playing a month after a lot of people have already stopped, you know?  I think it's going to be important to get that rest.  To recoup and let that body heal up before hitting that circuit again of training and working out and doing those things that are going to make you a good athlete. 

VC: I know a lot of athletes are superstitious.  Are you a superstitious guy? Do you have any superstitions you follow during the season or on game day?

DF: I don't know if I'm a big superstitious. But I do like to do the things that have brought me success. So I guess there's a fine line between being superstitious and being quote, unquote, prepared.

VC: Going back to Coach Ryan.  He seems like a great guy to play football for. Tell us about how he is as a coach and his feisty personality? 

DF:  Rex is just a very passionate guy.  I think that is something I can't say enough of.  He feels, you know what I'm saying, he feels this team.  He just doesn't speak the words, he feels those words. And he's going to express that in the best way that he can.  I just think he's done a really great job of just being there for his team, when the team needed him.  And we try to do the same for him. 

VC:  So I'm going to ask you about a couple of your teammates now, if you don't mind.  You guys have great two great backs everyone talks about on your squad. How is it blocking for them?

DF:  Well we actually have 3. We can't forget about Leon.  Leon, Thomas, and Shone, all those guys have done a great job and all of them have contributed this year.  I think having those caliber backs in the backfield, really allows the offensive line's job to just be a lot easier. Those guys are not going to waste time. They are going to hit the holes well and make our jobs a lot easier.

VC:  As a bears fan, I definitely miss Thomas Jones.  Is he one of the leaders in your locker room as he was here in Chicago?

DF:  He definitely is a leader. I think Thomas Jones is a very vocal person, and I think we all try to take the identity of our Coach, and he definitely embodies that. 

VC:  Sanchize time.  Everyone always talks about Mark Sanchez.  He had a great year and he played well in the playoffs.  Do you believe he is a QB that can take you guys to the next level? 

DF: I think Mark Sanchez is a guy we are going to ride behind. I think he's a guy that has a lot of potential to do a lot of great things.  We're excited as a team and as an organization to have him in that driver's seat, and we are going to support him in the best way that we can. 

VC:  Tell us something dl about him?  Is he a pretty boy or a clown in the locker room? Or is he just all business, all the time?

DF: He knows how to joke around, and he's light hearted man. He's a good guy.  He takes out the OLine.  He took us all to the Blindside premiere. I thought that was a real nice thing that he did for us.  And he takes us out to eat every once in a while.  I think when you build relationships like that on and off the field, it's only going to help in the long run. 

VC:  Now I'm a huge Revis fan.  I think he should've gotten Defensive MVP.  My friends and I fight about this all the time. So what do you think? Yes or no, Revis should have been gotten the award?

DF: Man he's so talented.  Sometimes the decision makers are the decision makers, but he's definitely that caliber of an athlete.  You know he has his own island, in Manhattan, so why not?  That guy's great, and people need to see that. 

VC: Coach Ryan was really upset that Revis didn't get the award. Revis seems pretty chill.  Did Revis himself say anything himself about it, or was he cool about it?

DF:  I think Revis just understood that hey you know it wasn't really in his power. He did everything that he could do. He wasn't going to let that ruin his day or his season or his attitude.  I really have a lot of respect for Revis because he can just operate. He just functions at a high level.  It's very impressive to see.

VC:  Are there any crazy pranksters in the locker room? Or give us some locker room info.

DF: I think one of the unique things is that we kind of have this thing when we travel, come game time, we kind of go at each others outfits.  You got to be careful on what you wear, because if your outfits aren't on point man, you're going to hear about it. 

VC:  Switching it up a little bit, who is the best QB you have ever seen?  Is it Peyton?

DF:  That's a hard question man. I think there's so many great Qb's out there. I don't know if I have an answer for that right now. 

VC: How about the Super Bowl?  Who do you got?

DF: I'm going to go with the Saints.  We just lost to the Colts, so I'm a little bitter about that.  I think the Saints have an excellent opportunity here.  Jonathan Vilma, he was on our team, you know he was a Jet, so I'll definitely pull for him. 

VC:  So congrats again on making the Pro Bowl.  A lot of people have been talking about this topic, so i have to ask you about it.  Do you like the Pro Bowl being a week before the Super Bowl like it is this year?  Or do you like it after, how it used to be? 

DF:  You know it's kind of hard because this is my first Pro Bowl, so I haven't had the opportunity to experience both. But the Super Bowl is such a big game. It's the pinnacle. It should be the end of the year, and I think that having the Pro Bowl before the game would allow that to happen. Kind of build up to the big game, and allow this game to be held on the pedestal that it should be on. 

VC:  Growing up, who did you look up to, or who were your role models?

DF:  I watched so many different guys. You know in football, outside of football.  I really watched a lot of boxing and heavyweight champions like Evander Holyfield, Riddick Bowe, and those types of guys. But I've also watched people in the League like Chris Samuels and Walter Jones and those types of athletes and other left tackles that have done phenomenal jobs at their position.  I get a lot of inspiration from these different types of players.

VC:  So I randomly read that you have a black belt in karate. Is this true? 

DF:  That was something that I did in my more formative years like through Elementary and Jr. High School.  That was something my father really wanted us to get into because he saw the great benefits in it. It teaches you how to finish, how to go through things step by step. It teaches you how to just be a better person because of that discipline aspect. 

VC:  So do you ever threaten your teammates with it if they ride on your outfits in the locker room? 

DF:  Naw man, I don't even remember a lot of those moves anymore. 

VC:  How about your Ipod.  What's on your Ipod right now? 

DF:  I do listen to Dipset, I do listen to Lil Wayne. But I do have other people like Linkin Park and everything on my Ipod.

VC:  Tell us something about yourself that maybe your fans don't know?  Like what's your favorite food?

DF:  Hmm, that's a good question. I'll just go favorite food because that's something I can think of for sure. I love Mac and Cheese and I definitely like some BBQ'd chicken. So those are two things I really enjoy eating at any time. 

VC:  Thanks a ton for doing this interview with us.  Have a great off season and I wish you guys all the best.  Good luck during the rest of your day with Gatorade and the product testing as well.

DF: Thank you man, I appreciate that...

I also just wanted to take a quick second here to give a big thanks to Gatorade for allowing us to interview D'Brickashaw.   I hope you guys enjoyed the interview, definitely leave some comments...


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