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And we're back for our third installment of power rankings. For the 2009-10 season, we here at Docksquad Sports will be doing a weekly power rankings in collaboration with our friends over at Cavalier Attitude.

We'll give you our take on all 30 teams in the NBA, and we will rank them every week as decided by our very own NBA committee.

The committee consists of myself (Vik Chokshi), Suman Vellanki (also from DSS), as well as Amar Panchmatia and Rahul Phanindra from Cavalier Attitude. Teams will be ranked for their performance through last Sunday, and the previous week's ranking will be listed after these initial rankings.


1. (6) Atlanta Hawks (9-2)

  • No Ordinary Joe and Co. keep it movin' on this five-game winning streak with wins at Boston and a second win this season against AP's Blazers. Y'all slept on my boy, JC, but he's a virtual lock for 6th Man of the Year at 18 ppg. Sorry. (RP)
2. (1) Phoenix Suns (9-2)
  • Got back on track against Toronto after getting shelled by the Lakers. Steve Nash may be early leader for the MVP, and the Suns brass look like geniuses with the Channing Frye signing. Steve Kerr has already proved that he is willing to roll the dice on a trade so it will be interesting to see if he does it again this year, after last year's Shaq debacle, if the Suns are in still playing this well later in the season. (SV)
3. (7) Dallas Mavericks (8-3)
  • Man, can these guys score points in bunches. Remember when they came back from 14 or something down in the fourth to beat Utah a few weeks ago? Well, they did it again against Houston last week, turning a double-digit deficit right before halftime into blowout win. (AP)

4. (2) Boston Celtics (8-3)

  • Not a good week for the Celts, with back to back losses to the Hawks and the Pacers. But even after that, they are still first in their division. I think they know they are that good, and are just coasting right now. Big Baby will definitely give them a boost later in the season when he gets back. (VC)

5. (3) Los Angeles Lakers (7-3)

  • Ugly last couple of games, but we'll give the champs the benefit of the doubt, since Denver is really good, Kobe is hurt and Pau is MIA. They also deserve a small bit of credit for dispatching last week's #1, Phoenix Suns. What happened to the Machine though? Must have made a deal with the Devil to poke Maria. (RP)
6. (8) Denver Nuggets (7-3)
  • The Nugs struggled at their end of their early season road trip losing 3 out of the last 4. However, they bounced back nicely by thrashing the Lakers. Melo is averaging nearly 30 ppg, and Ty Lawson may be the fastest man on earth. (SV)
7. (10) Cleveland Cavaliers (7-3)
  • Remember how the national media was jacking it to the Cavs' 0-2 start not too long ago? Well, since then the Cavaliers are 7-1, with their one loss being by a point to Chicago. Cleveland is 4-0 since inserting J.J. Hickson into the starting lineup, where he's averaging 13.3 points per game. (AP)

8. (11) Portland Trail Blazers (8-4)

  • The Blazers went 4-0 last week, and even though they played some of the weaker teams in the L, they took care of business like they should. That to me is pretty impressive for a young basketball team. They have a tougher week this week, so let's see how they do. (VC)

9. (5) Orlando Magic (8-3)

  • Up and down of late with ugly losses against OKC and Cleveland. Let's see what happens with Rashard the Roider back in the game. Only time will tell. (RP)
10. (4) Miami Heat (7-2)
  • The Heat get docked this week for losing their showdown with the Cavs. They followed up that loss with an unconvincing win against the lowly Nets. Michael Beasley is stepping his game up, and is now getting his shot attempts as Wade's clear cut #2. DWade is right there with Nash as early season MVP leader. (SV)

11. (13) Milwaukee Bucks (5-3)

  • Two words for you kids: Young. Money. How does Brandon Jennings go for 55 -- one short of LeBron's career-high 56 -- in like his seventh game ever in the NBA? And this cat just turned 20. Seriously? Hey Knicks, forgot about free agency, how do y'all feel about passing up on Young Money for whoever the hell y'all picked? (AP)

12. (12) Houston Rockets (6-4)

  • I've got to give this team some credit because I thought they would end the year as one of the worst teams in the game. But they are picking up where they left off last year after TMac and Yao went down, playing everyone tough, and like a team. The Rockets got a huge win on Sunday vs the Lakers too. Ariza and Brooks are fun to watch too. Can they keep this up? (VC)

13. (23) Indiana Pacers (4-3)

  • Believe it or not, they are doing all this without T.J. Ford or the best three-point shooter/rebounder combo man in the NBA, Troy Murphy. I caught some of their game against the Celts over the weekend and remember thinking, "Wow, they are starting four reserves on any other team." Lo and behold they smacked Boston in convincing fashion. (RP)
14. (14) Sacramento Kings (5-4)
  • Ladies and Gents get to know Jason Thompson (twitter.com/JTthekid). The second year man finished his rookie season strongly, and is following that up by averaging 15 and 10 thus far. Tyreke Evans is making everyone look stupid for doubting him, and the team is playing like it has something to prove every night. (SV)

15. (15) Oklahoma City Thunder (5-5)

  • Absolutely no movement from the Thunder as they are so tough to gauge. They played the Kings and Clippers twice last week, splitting both games between each foe. Raging water cooler debate: Is Kevin Durant simply the next T-Mac? (AP)

16. (9) Chicago Bulls (5-4)

  • Even though they are at 5-4, I'm really liking what I am seeing from my Bullies. They are playing a lot better on the defensive side of the ball this year, and the effort is there from everyone in every single game. Noah is beasting, and Deng is playing great too. I can't wait until DRose gets healthy, and Salmons heats up. The dreaded circus trip starts this week, hopefully we can play .500 ball on this trip. If they do, watch out for the Bulls. (VC)

17. (17) Toronto Raptors (5-5)

  • The Raps continue to dwell in mediocrity. Not quite sure if will be able to play the defense necessary of a playoff caliber team. (RP)
18. (19) San Antonio Spurs (4-4)
  • The Spurs have yet to win a road game this season, and are looking like the old dogs a lot of people figured they'd be. A bit unlucky as they lost Manu on the night they got back Duncan and Parker. Tim Duncan is only averaging 15.8 ppg thus far. I'd imagine that would be a career low for him, but I'm too lazy to research. (SV)
19. (22) Detroit Pistons (5-5)
  • Beat two bottom feeders in Charlotte and Washington before losing to Dallas. They'll have a rough test starting Tuesday night when they visit Staples to play the Lakers, then fly north along the West Coast for a date with the Blazers at the Rose Garden on Wednesday. Then we'll know more about them. (AP)

20. (18) Utah Jazz (4-6)

  • This team frustrates me so much because I love DWill(nh), and because they have so much talent, but they can never put it together. Or stay healthy, for that matter. I'm starting to give up hope on the fact that this team can be an elite team in the West by the end of the year. If this keeps up, look for Boozer to get dealt soon. (VC)

21. (20) Los Angeles Clippers (4-7)

  • Partially made up for an ugly week by getting one back in OKC. The hope is that they remain competitive until Griffin makes his return. The last few spots out West are pretty wide open. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! (RP)
22. (16) Philadelphia 76ers (4-6)
  • It's been a slow tumble down the CA/DSS power poll for the Sixers. Their only wins in the last two weeks have been against the Nets. The Mareese Speights injury (out 6-8 weeks) is huge because that leaves them with an extremely thin front court. Look for them to give a Jrue Holiday a turn at point guard sooner rather than later. (SV)

23. (26) Golden State Warriors (3-6)

  • Finally cut the cord with Stephen Jackson. Will it be addition by subtraction, like Ricky Davis was with the Cavs back in LeBron's rookie year? We'll find out since the Dubs pretty much got nothing much back in return for Jax. (AP)

24. (21) Charlotte Bobcats (3-7)

  • 0-3 last week, and it doesn't get any easier this week vs the Magic, Sixers, and the upstart Bucks. They seem to have some talented pieces, but it doesn't look like this team will ever put it together. It might be time to blow this thing up, yet again. MJ stop playing golf and hitting up Miami, and do something about your squad! (VC)

25. (24) Washington Wizards (2-7)

  • The Wizards suck. Sure, Jamison is out, but a 6-game losing streak is inexcusable for a veteran club. The future is bleak, except for Andray Blatche, he has a nice game. (RP)
26. (25) New Orleans Hornets (3-8)
  • The only team I can think of that fired its coach during the season and still made the playoffs are the Sixers last year. If CP3's ankle sprain is severe the season is already over. They may not win a game for weeks. (SV)
27. (27) Memphis Grizzlies (2-8)
  • Underrated bit regarding the Grizzlies' decision on Monday to release Allen Iverson: The team can no longer worry about setting the single season record for fewest assists. (AP)

28. (28) Minnesota TimberWolves (1-10)

  • 0-4 last week. Without Love and Jefferson, this team just isn't talented enough to compete. At least this lets Flynn get some tick and develop. (VC)

29. (29) New York Knicks (1-9)

  • This team is just depressing. With a -9.7 point differential, it is plain to see that they simply do not compete. Sorry about y'all picking Jordan Hill over Young Money. (RP)

30. (30) New Jersey (0-10)
  • The poor Nets are 3/3 in being the bottomfeeders of our power poll. They lost in heart-breaking fashion to the Heat on Saturday night, losing on a D-Wade buzzer beater. HUGE showdown with the Knicks on Saturday night...the world will be watching. (SV)

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