Monday, August 10, 2009


I finally was able to make it out to a Bears practice this year, and I'm really glad I went, because it was a lot of fun. I went with my buddy Shijo, and we went to Saturday's practice, which also happened to be Family Day. It was crazy seeing close to 28,000 people show up for practice, but that just shows you how excited fans are for this upcoming season. From the getgo, it was clear that everyone came to see the man Jay Cutler play. And when it was all said and done, one thing was for sure, Cutler did not disappoint.

Here are my tweets/ some random thoughts from the practice I went too...

Tweets (twitter was all over the place over the weekend, I think some got lost)...

- At Soldier Field for Bears practice!
- Position Drills going on
- Tommie Harris not practicing
- Marinelli is definitely a vocal and demonstrative coach
- He's working the DLine
- Special teams time Hester just busted a punt
- Wolfe with a nice return
- Running drills
- Kevin Jones nice run. He looks in a lot betr shape.
- Forte looks great.
- Another nice run by Kevin Jones.
- Seven on seven time
- Cutler hits DH
- Cutler to Bennett
- Cutler to Rideau
- Cutler to Rashied
- Cutler to olsen
- Cutler to Rideau again
- wolfe with a nice run
- Wow sick bomb to rideau! My guy Rideau better get some tick
- Amazing pass. Rideau making some dope catches
- Cutler goes 6-6 in 7 on 7 drills.
- ten on ten
- first two passes complete
- cutler sweet pass to des, amazing throw
- cutler to hester, good again
- Hester with a dope block, forte nice run
- four for four, another Rideau catch
- Sick throw by cutler, nice catch by DA
- dump off to forte
- Another complete pass by Cutler to DA
- 2 minute drill amazing pass from cutler to DH to start it off
- incomplete
- cutler play action to mckie
- false start penalty, drive killer.
- incomplete, fg attempt coming up
- as good as gould!
- hanie struggling
- baz fumbles, backups not doing well
- Hanie hurting, missed a wide open Davis
- nice pass from Baz to Fakepete
- Hanie misses WR by five yards
- Baz way off
- Hanie throws a pick 6 on his first throw during the 2 minute drill
- this after I tell my buddy Shijo I bet he throws a pick, he is struggling
- practice over
- trying to get some autographs
- no luck, the place is a madhouse
- Cutler is king here. He is like a God...


- Brandon Rideau and Devin Aromashodu (Cutler calls him D.A.) looked really good out there. I really hope both make the team and get their chances to shine. I've been on the Rideau bandwagon for years now, so LOVIE, LET THE KID PLAY!!!

- Kevin Jones looks amazing. He looks like the Kevin Jones of old. Forte looks awesome too. They might be monsters together. We need a nickname for this combo...

- Cutler put on a show. Dude went 6-6 in the 7 on 7 and finished 22 of 27 for the day. He made two amazing throws that I have never seen a Bears QB ever make. One was to Rideau and one was to Hester. He also moves really well in the pocket and has great footwork. He will definitely make these WR's better.

- The backups looked terrible. I'm a huge Hanie fan, but he struggled big time. I've read that he has had some good practices too, so I'm just hoping he had an off day. I am scared though after watching Hanie and Baz on Saturday. The Bears might be one hit away from picking top five in the NFL Draft next year. Let's hope not...

- Bowman did suit up. He ran around a little during the secondary drills but didn't play.

- Tommie Harris did not practice.

- Orlando Pace looked like he is in great shape. I got to see him up close after the practice, and the guy is huge. He's a BEAST.

- Chris Williams looks good out there, and he did really well out from what I saw of him.

- Briggs & Urlacher looked like their old selves. Urlacher definitely looks like he is in better shape this year.

- Izzy looks nice and Marcus H is enormous. He looks like a monster.

- Jay Cutler is like a God right now in Chicago. He can do no wrong. I can't even begin to explain the scene when Cutler came to the sidelines after the practice was over. It was insane.

I can't wait to see Saturday's pre season game, and I can't wait to go to Green Bay for the season opener. Go Bears!!!


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Matt Clapp said...

Good stuff Vik. I'm pumped!!!!!!

Docksquad said...

thanks man. i can't wait to goto gb for the season opener. go bears!!

Shijo said...

Yea man it was tight to roll out there....

good times..
cutler looked sweet...
WR's are gonna def. surprise some peeps