Wednesday, April 29, 2009


As Espn's Chris Sheridan reported earlier, Rondo is off the hook for that FLAGRANT FOUL he committed yesterday. Not even a fine. Wow. I don't care what the NBA says, I'm going to continue to call that play a FLAGRANT FOUL. What garbage.

And Bulls fans, did you really think the League was going to do something to the Celts or Rondo for this blatant FLAGRANT FOUL? Of course not! If they did, then the NBA was would look foolish right? That would be them basically admitting that the refs f'd up last night by not calling this a FLAGRANT FOUL, and they would never do that. It would open up a whole can of worms. The Bulls would probably file a protest then, so of course they were not going to do anything about this or even give them the option to do so. All of this is pretty ridiculous if you ask me. On one end, Stern and co. want to make sure the game is played with integrity after everything that happened in the last few years, yet on the other, things like this continue to happen all the time in the League...

Check out that photo above. Rondo hits Miller with a CLOSED FIST! Sweet attempt at the ball player. Or check out this video of the play in this angle, and please tell me Rondo went for the ball there. That looks more like a clothesline or a FISH HOOK than a play on the ball. Here's a tight post from TRUEHOOP about the play as well.

Matt from By the Horns makes a great point here as well...

Matt McHale of the Bulls blog By the Horns: "It's funny. Back in March, Trevor Ariza hit Rudy Fernandez in the head from behind and got treated like some sort of deranged serial killer. But I guess that play was different because Rudy, who was airborne at the moment of contact, got injured, and because Ariza is bigger than Fernandez. In this case, Miller was the big man, and he's certainly not a threat to leave the ground unless launched from a very sturdy catapult. Oh, and the Ariza-Fernandez incident occurred during the regular season, whereas this is the postseason, which made Rondo's mugging of Miller just a good, hard playoff foul, right? Suuuuuure. And I'm sure that seeing double at the line didn't affect Miller's free throw shooting, either."

Also, if you peep that video once more, check out Perkins arm hitting the rim(thanks Jim). Isn't that goaltending? I wrote Henry A at True Hoop asking about what he thought about that, so let's see what he thinks about that too.

Anyways, I know it's over with, but I just wanted to let any of you Bulls fans that were expecting a suspension for Rondo to know that it didn't happen. It's ok, because I want Rondo to play tomorrow. I want us to run them off the court by 20. Then I want Aaron Gray to come in and make "an attempt on the ball" when someone is going up. Playoff fouls right Doc?

Let's go Bulls, step up for yourselves and your fans! Let's smoke them tomorrow. The UC WILL BE ROCKING! GO BULLS!!!

P.S. Thanks a ton to my buddy Pravs for hooking me up with some tickets tomorrow. Can't wait...

P.P.S. Thanks for the Rondo video Sunny


Anonymous said...

Urban Dictionary defines "FISH HOOK" as

"While performing intercourse "doggie-style" this maneuver involves the pitcher inserting his curled finger into the catcher's mouth and pulling back to degrade the subject or cause pain.
A "double fish hook" involves the same maneuver using both fingers.
A "rusty fish hook" involves fingering the ass of the catcher prior to insertion of the finger(s) into the mouth."

Rando is a diiirty S.O.B.

Gerakis100 said...

Did Stu Jackson and David Stern fall asleep? Rondo admitted he was gunning for Miller... like they needed him telling them... stupid stupid mistake not putting the flagrant on him

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