Friday, March 27, 2009


I had a volunteer event tonight, so I missed two of my favorite ballers going at it tonight, but the Bulls got another W tonight, and that is all that counts. It's definitely a big win for the Bullies, because this win puts the Bulls in the 7th seed, and gives us some breathing room. It looks like everyone played solid tonight from looking at the box score and watching these highlights, and that is great to see. It seems like this team is really coming together at the right time, and that is huge down the stretch. They are finally playing like a team and finally playing some defense, which is huge. Anyways, check out these highlights from tonight's game. Check out the 43 sec mark for a sick pass by DRose to Salmons, and the 1:40 mark for the play of the night. A DRose to TT oop. NASTY!!!! Notice how every highlight has DRose in it, in one way or another. If he is not scoring, he is driving and making defenders collapse, and then kicking it to the open man. You got to love the kid playing in pain, just so we can make the playoffs. GO BULLS! GO DROSE!!!

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