Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Check out this video to see designer Jason Mayden giving us an inside look at the Nike Air Jordan 2009's that are coming out later this spring.

I didn't know that there was this much design and technology involved in making a shoe. I just thought someone drew them up, and then Nike made them somehow, and that was that. I really didn't really know that there is so much more that goes into making these shoes, it's actually pretty fascinating.

Also check out this great article about MJ, written by J.A. Adande, if you get a chance.

Anyways I gotta run, but man, are these new MJ's sweet or what?

Thanks for the video Tom.


Anonymous said...


Matt Clapp said...

Awesome. I've still got a few pair. I'll wear Jordan's no matter what they look like haha. I like these.

Anonymous said...

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