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We're back this week with our picks, and we are looking to get back on the right track after a bad weekend. Overall, we are really liking our picks this week, so hopefully you guys can make some money. And not that we condone betting because we really don't bet(hmm), but if you don't have an online account yet, check out BetUs Sportsbook, because it's a great site. Now on to this weekend's picks, gluck!!!

IP's Pix:
(Overall 14-20-1)
(Last week 1-3-1)

Steelers at Redskins (Skins -1) – This game is going to be a tight one…….both team have strong defenses and also strong running games. The key to this game will be the protection of Big Ben, if the line protects they will win if not they will not. My guess is that they will not be able to. Look for the team from D.C. to pull off a close one at home. Redskins 21-17.

Arizona at Rams (Rams +3) Kurt Warner back in STL!!!!!!!!! This is going be an old fashion shootout with Bulger and the Rams looking to turn back the clock. Should make for an entertaining few hours, but the game will come down to how effective the Rams can run the ball. If they can control the tempo they will win this important division game, if not the ageless wonder Warner will come away with a victory. I am going to go with Bulger and the Rams by a touch. Rams 28-21.

Eagles at Seahawks (Eagles -7) – Eagles going to WAX FOOOOOOOOOOOO. McNabb and company will be too much for the overwhelmed Seahawks. Seneca Wallace is starting and with a injury riddled squad just don't see the Seahawks staying with or keeping down the Eagles. Eagles 31-14.

Falcons at Raiders (Falcons +3) – People are snoozing on the Falcons but they are a pretty sound team. The reason I feel the falcons will be successful is Michael turner has played out in the Black Hole and had success. Look for a steady diet of the run to set up Matt Ryan's play action. The game will be close but look for the Raiders to let this one slip away. Falcons 27-24

Texans at Vikings (Texans +5) – This is the upset of the week. Matt Schaub is looking good and Andre Johnson is the truth. The Vikings got the all –world Adrian Peterson and Gus Frerotte with time is pretty decent. I think the Texans will get pressure with the d-line and disrupt the flow of the Vikings offense. Look for a big day from Super Mario and from Matt Schaub. Texans 28-24.

Vik's Pix:

(Overall 20-14-1)

(Last Week 2-2-1)

Eagles at Seahawks (Eagles - 7) - We all saw what happened last weekend when Matt Ryan faced the Eagles blitzing defense, it was a waxing. I expect the same thing to happen this weekend when Seneca Wallace goes up against this Eagles defense. The Hawks are also missing their best defensive player in Patrick Kerney, and are still ailing at a ton of other positions on their squad. Now the Hawks are normally a better team at home, but I just don't see them overcoming their odds in this game. The Eagles D will force Seneca Wallace into a couple of turnovers, and McNabb and Westbrook will take advantage of that all day long. Look for the Eagles to win big.

Jets at Bills (Bills - 5) - I know a lot of people think the Jets are going to steal this game, but I'm going the other way on this one. The Bills lost a tough division game on the road last weekend, but they come back home to one of the best and dl home field advantages in the game. I look for them and their D to play inspired ball vs the Jets in this one. Also just a bit of Favre history here, but Favre has always struggled at Buffalo. The Jets are also going to miss their leading tackler in LB David Harris and starting Safety Eric Smith, and those are two key losses for the Jets in this game. I look for the Bills to play a solid all around Football game, and to come out with a double digit victory in this one.

Boys at Giants (Giants - 7 bought hook) - I'm glad I got this line earlier this week because I'm seeing it up to 9 in some places. I'd still be pretty confident in playing this game up to 9 pts. Now I like this game for a lot of reasons, the main one being the Giants pass rush. Now anybody who saw the Giants Dline play vs the Steelers last week, know what I'm talking about. Their D and their defensive coordinator will not feel any pity for the banged up Boys in this game. They are going to attack, attack, and attack all game long. The Boys will also probably be without Jason Witten, who will take away the short passing game for Brad Johnson, and that's about the only thing he is good at. But Witten also is a big loss for the Boys on the ground, since he is a great blocker. I know the Boys have Roy and TO, but Johnson has been unable to get the ball deep to either, and I don't see how he will have anytime to do so in this game. The Giants will also take advantage of the Boys injuries in their secondary, and look for Eli and Plax both to have huge games in this one. I think Brad Johnson turns the ball over a couple of times in this game, and the Giants roll big.

Pats at Colts (Pats +6) - Call me stupid, but I'm taking the pts in this game. Now I know the Colts are at home, in a must win game, and they have Addai and Bob Sanders back in this one. A lock right?? But, I just think giving this Pats team 6 pts is too much. I know this is not the same Pats team without Brady, but they have been getting the job done without him. I expect the hoody monster to devise a similar game plan that the Titans had on Monday Night to combat the Colts this weekend. Now I know the Pats do not have as physical of a defense as the Titans, but they can make up with that in scheme, and that is what the Hoody monster is great at. The Colts are also coming off of a short week since they played on Monday night, and Addai isn't a 100 percent yet. These Colts haven't looked right to me all season long, so I can't justify putting my money on them. Call me crazy, but I think these Pats can win this game straight up, so I will take 6pts in this one.

Fins at Broncos (Fins +4) - Here is a game not many people are talking about, but I'm taking the Fins in this game. I think this game will be one of many upsets this weekend. The Fins are quietly playing good, solid football this season, and I look for that to continue this weekend vs a hobbled Broncos team. Here is one stat to think about for this game. The Broncos are giving up a NFL high 72.9 completion percent, and that was with Champ Bailey back there. With the Champ out, what's going to happen? Dre Bly and their secondary is going to have to give up everything short and make sure they don't get burned deep, and that is exactly what this Fins offense wants. We also saw when the Broncos played the Pats, how much havoc a short passing game, and a high percentage QB can cause vs this Broncos defense. In comes Chad Pennington, who is somehow having a great season. He is completing almost 70 percent of his passes this yr, and that spells doom for the Broncos. The Fins also have a solid running game, so I think this is going to be too much for the Broncos in this game. The Broncos also don't really have such a great home field advantage like they used to back in the day. For the Broncos, Cutler and BMarsh will get theirs, and I look for this one to be a shootout. But in the end, I look for this game to bounce the Fins way, with a Fins straight up victory.

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