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Friday, July 18, 2014

Should the Brons Trade Wiggins for Love?

This has been a fantastic NBA summer with more intrigue than an Alfred Hitchcock scene centered around James Stewart spying on Kim Novak while she contemplates a painting. The mystery and awe enraptures everyday in the off-season and is no less dramatic than the games themselves. Although the Finals ended a little over a month ago, it feels like a whole year has passed. In fact, five weeks ago the question, "Should the Cavs trade Wiggins for Love?" would not have made sense. Yet, today, it is being asked as naturally as you would ask someone to pass the butter.

The short answer to this question is, no. The Cleveland Cavaliers should not trade Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love. There is no denying that Love is a great talent. He can rebound and throw outlet passes with the best of them. He also has a great motor and can hit threes like few big men can. He provides the same sort of spacing opportunities for Lebron as Chris Bosh, and it's obvious how well that worked for Miami. Throw in Kyrie and Bron has essentially swapped out Wade and Bosh for Love and Irving, and how can that go wrong?

In theory this seems to be a positive, but in practice it appears more troublesome. Love is not as good of a defender as Chris Bosh, and is certainly not as skilled in the post. Lost in all the gushing over Kevin is the fact that he shoots only 47%, as a power forward. Furthermore, he has never been to the playoffs in six seasons. That has to count for something.

Wiggins, on the other hand, is a blank slate with the ability to learn under one of the greatest players ever. Athletic wing players that fly down the court and play tough perimeter defense are rare. Cleveland would have two of them. Many teams have none. The learning experience this would provide for Wiggins is phenomenal. Imagine if the Bulls had Jordan in his prime and then Kobe to learn under him as a rookie. This, combined with Kyrie Irving and a bunch of three point shooters (James Jones, Mike Miller), makes for a devastating attack that would have casual NBA fans salivating.

Furthermore, there is no reason to rush a trade. The season hasn't even begun yet. The Wolves will hold less cards as time goes on. They don't want to run the risk of him walking away for nothing at the end of the season. Why would you overreact by giving up Wiggins in July before his first NBA game?

I doubt Bron and Wiggins have even stepped on a court together at this point. They should give some time to see what the team looks like before they go out and make trades that could come back to haunt them. If Wiggins looks lost and befuddled, then trade him at mid-season for Love. Don't give up on a Jordan/Pippen scenario before it even begins.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Welcome to Chicago Pau and Nikola!  Looking forward to some great things this upcoming season!

Their press conference is scheduled for tomorrow...

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